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27 March 2012

Unplug Your PC: Back Away From The Keyboard

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Working from a home office is wonderful. However, there is one small downside that can become a huge downside, if you allow it to grow. I’m referring to working all the time—early morning, throughout the day, nights, and weekends. When you work from home, various means of technology connect you to the outside world. Your computer, BlackBerry, and iPad all tether you to your office, which also happens to be close to your family room, kitchen, and bedroom. I have found that the constant availability can become an energy drain. So, I’ve come up with a solution that works for me and I’m confident will work for you…

…It’s really quite simple.

Turn off all electronic devices at least one day each week.

You’ll enjoy the best “stay-cation” you could imagine simply by pulling the plug. Your mind will be freed to be creative. Read a book, take a hike, take a nap. It really doesn’t matter what activity you do. Allow your creative juices to flow unencumbered and uninterrupted. When you plug back in you’ll find you are more relaxed and less fatigued, and the best part is it’s FREE!

Enjoy your day. I’ll respond to your e-mails, comments, and phone calls later. Right now, I’m going to turn everything off and go enjoy nature.


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