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13 December 2011

Transitioning from Business Writing to Songwriting and Blogging—It’s Personal

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Prior to starting Eclectic Verve, LLC with my husband, I had not given much thought to creative writing professions that require the author to develop and articulate new ideas on a regular basis (e.g., novelist, songwriter, blogger).

Written communication is a component of many jobs. In my prior profession as an information technology project manager, a basic level of writing acumen was required. Whether crafting a message to communicate with team members or presenting the project status to executive staff in a clear and concise manner, putting words on a page was an integral component of my job.

However, the difference between “business writing” and “writing as a profession” is the personal aspect.

Business Writing vs. Songwriting and Blogging

Business writing is about information dissemination. The purpose is to ensure that all affected parties receive and understand the message that is being delivered. Communication is generally focused on clarifying the message or persuading the reader to align with the author’s perspective.

The key tenet of songwriting or blogging is sharing something with others. Talented songwriters share feelings, experiences, inspirations, and personal reflections through their music. Song lyrics can make us feel good, give us a sense of camaraderie, or teach us lessons. I approach my blogging in the same manner that Kent approaches writing lyrics. I draw upon something personal and then hone the subject matter to creatively express information that is not only meaningful to me, but hopefully meaningful to readers of this blog.

Personal Writing Explained

Sometimes the topics I blog about might not seem personal to you. For example, sharing my perspective on Google+, may not seem like a personal revelation. The fact that I am expressing my opinion and sharing ‘how to’ information with an audience that is mostly nameless and faceless makes it personal for me. Blogs in the Business 101 and Band 101 categories have quite a bit of personal sharing included within the written paragraphs. Through these blog categories I am admitting I do not have all the answers, but want to share with my readers what I have learned, so that your experience might be easier than mine. I also want to learn from my readers—because I don’t have all the answers. This forum allows me to solicit advice from people who may be more knowledgeable about the music industry or small business ownership or a myriad of other topics.

Bottom Line

As a singer/songwriter, Kent wants to be known for writing thoughtful lyrics. As the primary member of the marketing department for Eclectic Verve, I want to provide meaningful information to my readers. Whether I am typing the monthly newsletter, weekly blog, or twitter posts—I want my words to be worth reading.

If the lyrics we sing or the words we type resonate with you in any way, we have achieved one of our goals.

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