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29 November 2011

Today’s Music Videos: Moving beyond VH1 to DIY

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Promoting Music with Video

The available methods to promote music using video have changed dramatically in the last few years. In the past, the videos that were created were generally huge production efforts (think lots of cash) and were only available to be viewed on VH1 (or similar networks) at the networks’ convenience.

In today’s technology-exploding world, most videos are DIY (Do It Yourself) efforts created very quickly and inexpensively. These DIY videos are a great way to market a band or promote a singer/songwriter’s music. With more than 24 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute (reference), this is a marketing treasure trove opportunity waiting to be tapped.

Viewpoints on Building a YouTube Channel

There are differing viewpoints on the best way to build a YouTube Channel. Perspectives include:

  • Quantity: Some musicians upload content frequently to keep their Channel fresh.
  • Candid Performances: Some bands film and post live gigs to allow fans to watch and re-watch the band performing.
  • Creative Videos: Some artists express their originality through a creative visual experience that complements their music.

We have chosen to focus our efforts on the last approach.

Success in One Area; Opportunity for Improvement in Another

As the turkey and pie become a fond memory, we continue to acknowledge everything for which we are thankful. Releasing a debut CD 6 months after creating a band is not typically how most musicians release their first album. Yet we were able to bring that dream to fruition and we are so very grateful. However, in the back of my mind for months I have felt that our YouTube channel is lacking. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I have the skill, nor the knowledge, nor the time to add new videos to our channel.

Thankfully, Things Always Fall into Place

Fortunately, if you focus on the end goal instead of worrying about how you are going to achieve that end goal, you will be surprised at the frequency with which all the pieces fall into place. Life is full of wonderful surprises. Recently we attended a business development class and were given a list of resources. One of the resources was a videographer.

Voila!  Music Video Dilemma Solved

Not only is he a talented and creative videographer, but he is a MUSICIAN! How awesome is that?! He understands how to create a music video. We are so excited. We rushed home from our Thanksgiving celebration to shoot the video on Saturday. The production will begin this week. We hope to release our new video in the next couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure.

Following is a still image, sneak peak from the video recording session.

Over the coming months we plan to add several videos to our YouTube Channel that we hope you will find interesting and engaging. Who knows? One might even go viral. Please retweet and share frequently to help us achieve that goal.

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