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06 December 2011

"Through the Eyes of God" Video


“Through the Eyes of God” began as a tribute song to express my relationship with my cat of 19 ½ years, Sting. The theme expanded from that original intent to encompass the concept of connecting with one’s highest purpose.

Animals don’t have to cut through the noise of egos, nor are they concerned with the opinions of others. They just are. Since animals don’t have these distractions, their communication is more direct. They can teach us a lot. I feel their primary lesson is for us to slow down and just be rather than constantly doing something.

This song is for anyone who has lost a pet or anyone who has a beloved furry creature currently in his/her life.

We hope you enjoy this video. It is the first in a series of videos that we plan to release in the coming months using songs from our debut album, Something on the Way.


We are very grateful to our videographer, Mark Brancucci. He’s a seasoned professional who uses his creative talents to bring the story he sees in his mind’s eye to fruition through his camera lens. He was efficient with our time and responsive to our desired completion schedule. We highly recommend Mark for your video production needs.

Mark Brancucci: Videographer, Motion Graphics, Computer Graphics, & Sound Design.
Mark holds a BFA from Metropolitan State College at Denver and has recently finished two Associate’s degrees: Motion Graphics Animation and Graphic Design/Print Production at Red Rocks Community College holding a 4.0 GPA. Mark has worked as an art teacher and technology director for over 12 years and has completed internships in television editing and television studio production at Denver Open Media. Mark continues building meaningful television content for the community on a regular basis. Running his own video production company, Mark can create video content for web and television and produce 2D digital content for print and web. Mark can be reached via e-mail at

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  1. Sherry/Mom

    What a beautiful tribute to Sting, and for all animals who bless us with Their loving and gracious connections. I’m proud, grateful,and humbled by your wonderful and loving talent and the wonderful person you’ve chosen to be.

    Love and blessings, always,


    1. Thank you very much for your post, mom. You and dad have always been so supportive of my music–from paying for music lessons when I was a kid to buying several copies of our first CD. I am so grateful for all the support you’ve given me.

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