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14 June 2011

Something on the Way has arrived!

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The recording journey upon which we embarked to create our debut CD Something on the Way began January 10.

KentCindyKentCarl and KevinKentKent and CarlExactly four months later on May 10, after numerous sessions recording, mixing, incorporating special effects and mastering the CD into a comprehensive unit, we were ready for replication. Final touches were applied to complete the artwork and we shipped everything to the replication facility on May 19. After approving artwork, they began creating the CDs.  On June 8 we received 15 twenty-pound boxes plus a bonus four-pound box of CDs.

We’re so excited to see the culmination of our efforts over the last several months come to fruition. We are anxious to hear your feedback regarding our debut album.  Something on the Way is now on sale via CD Baby through a launch from our website on the sidebar and also on the Albums page.

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