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01 November 2011

Social Networking Trick and Tip: @ and Engage

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One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of using social media is learning the ‘tips and tricks’ of each site. Following are two for you to use.

Trick n. A tool to increase readership.

Tag with @ Key

Use the @ key (“at symbol”) to tag a friend, follower, page, or yourself in Facebook posts and Twitter tweets (e.g., @EclecticVerve). In Facebook, if you are friends with the other person whom you’re tagging, then the post not only shows up on YOUR wall, but the wall of the person or entity you tag.  In Twitter, your tag will show up in the list of Mentions, which might be rewarded with a Mention in response. By tagging someone else, you introduce yourself to the friends or followers of the tagged person or entity.


Tip n. A method to endear readers to your brand.

Engage vs. Monologue

When making posts, do so with the goal of engaging your reader and prompting feedback.

  • Share a link of an interesting or quirky story.

  • Promote the successes of others.

  • Write informational blog posts.

Although there are lots of ‘tips and tricks’, I have only shared a couple. What are the social networking ‘tips and tricks’ you’ve learned?

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