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08 January 2013

Resolutions Revisited

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Some years when I review my New Year’s resolutions from the prior year and plot what I’ll achieve for the upcoming year, phrases such as “revisionist history” come to mind. That’s when you think about what you actually accomplished, vs. what was actually on your New Year’s resolution list.

I am not a strict resolution kind of gal, but I do like to define goals for the year—especially related to our business. 2012 saw a lot of change for Eclectic Verve. We started the year going one direction (e.g., planning to play at numerous house concerts) and ended the year taking a diversion from that initial course (e.g., hosting several concerts through

We’re sure 2013 will be another year of change and growth for us as musicians and for our band Eclectic Verve. We’re thankful you’re on this journey with us, because we continue to enjoy sharing our music with our fans.

As with last year, we don’t know all of the changes that might come our way, but we have a few we’ll share with you:

  1. We plan to once again provide some StageIt concerts, but we don’t yet have a schedule of when or how many.
  2. We will be sending fewer e-newsletters. We haven’t decided if this will become bi-monthly or quarterly, but we’ll try to keep you informed without contacting you too often.
  3. Kent will continue to write new music.
  4. ….we know we’ll have another fantastic year sharing our original music.

Have a great year!

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