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16 August 2011

Musicians: Claim Yourself on Artist Central



What IS Artist Central?

Artist Central is a component of It is a website where the music industry (artists, record labels and managers) can upload content for publication on and other online properties, including on Amazon Artist Stores (Reference).

How do I upload content to Artist Central?

If you are a musician, record label or manager representing a musician with music for sale on, you are eligible to submit content to Artist Central. The first step is to click the “sign in” button on the Artist Central home page. Following is an overview of the process:

Once you have signed in, click “Claim an artist” to get started.  You will then be asked to identify the specific artist you are claiming. will search its on-line store to verify that the artist is setup to sell music on its site.  If an artist with the search criteria is found, the site will ask you to verify your claim of being the spokesperson for the artist.

How can I verify my claim?

After you make the claim that you are authorized to speak on behalf of the artist, and, for signed artists, that you have the permission of your record label to use Artist Central, will verify your claim. For Eclectic Verve, requested two validations: an e-mail address with the band’s domain name and an e-mail from our MySpace e-mail account. While is verifying your claim, you will see a ‘Pending’ status on the ‘Your Artists’ page. Clicking through to the artist will detail the current progress with the verification process. It took 3 days to setup Eclectic Verve’s Artist Store. Although indicated it might take up to 7 days.

I’m approved, now what? 

Once your claim has been approved, you will receive an e-mail from informing you that you have been approved. You are then able to log into your dashboard and begin uploading content.

What experience have you had with Artist Central? Do you feel it provides important information or is it just another social networking site to maintain? Share your experience below.

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