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16 May 2011

Influencing Genres

Eclectic Verve LogoThe music of Eclectic Verve originates from a diverse range of influences within the pop rock genre.  John Denver was the initial reason I began playing guitar but also Elton John was another artist popular at the time.  Along with being great performers the part that impressed me the most was their songwriting.  How they captured energy and emotions and elicited them in the listener.  As I moved into rock what 70’s kid wasn’t influenced by Kiss?  Their straight out rock and massive show were ahead of their time.  As I began playing in a band I was heavily influenced by the Edge of U2 and Alex Lifeson of Rush.

I liked how these guitarists, while vastly different in styles, were able to fill so much space and carry rhythm and lead duties throughout the songs.  Hints of Big Country, REM and the Police still come out in some of our songs.  After college I went through a Blues phase jamming my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tab Benoit tunes and I noticed some of that coloring a few songs.  Other bands that have influenced me right before I started writing again were Collective Soul and Live….so now you understand the “Eclectic” in Eclectic Verve.

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