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26 March 2013

In Favor of Promoting Indie Musicians

I’ve written before that as a solo musician or indie band you should cross-market or cross-promote other indie artists who are like you.  In my mind, there are no competitors in the indie music business—we’re all working toward the same goal of providing quality music to a broad fan base.

The number one reason continues to be….VARIETY

Although your mom may be interested in listening to your music every day, most of your fans want a variety of tunes to listen to throughout the day. If you introduce your fans to other musicians, your fans will buy their music. Additionally, you might just get introduced to the fans of those other musicians, who might in turn buy your music.

The number two reason I’m writing today’s blog…SUPPORT

Once again, parents are awesome, but if they are the only people who attend your show, it’s going to be a quiet crowd. To that end, following are just a few of the musicians we know that we think you should check out:

Andy Ard

Megan Burtt

Allen Krehbiel

Maddie Wilson

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