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09 April 2013

Finding a Videographer

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Connecting with a good videographer is pretty important for today’s Indie musician. Let’s be candid. Indie’s generally have very little money because we aren’t bankrolled by a third party, yet we still need to have the ability to create professional quality music videos.

So how does one find a talented videographer who will work on the cheap? If you’re lucky like us, a friend connects you with a talented videographer who is interested in lending his talents at a very reasonable rate. If you don’t have our stellar luck, all it takes is a little investigation on your part.

Film school candidates.

That’s right. Contact film schools and let them know you have great senior project material ready to be filmed.

It’s a win/win/win/win/WIN!

  1. You get a top notch video using the latest and greatest technology.
  2. Your videographer’s rate is either inexpensive or free, since he/she is still a student.
  3. Your videographer student gets to use your video for his/her class project instead of just creating a nonsense video.
  4. Your videographer can continue to use your video as part of his/her job search portfolio.
  5. Your music video is presented to a wide audience not only through YOUR efforts but through the efforts of your videographer as the video is displayed as a work example—both in school and beyond.

Don’t forget to send me links of your great new vids! You know how we like to support other indies!

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