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22 May 2012

Everybody Needs Creativity

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I was struggling with what to write about this week and it just came to me, “EVERYBODY needs Creativity”. That thought is the inspiration for today’s blog.

Creativity takes many forms. I am generally a very structured, analytical person. However, I allow free flowing thought and actions in several ways including:  gardening, writing, baking, and craft projects. As a songwriter, Kent’s creativity shines through his music.

It is important to allow your brain to have the freedom to create. Most of us live in a world that is structured, because civilized societies tend to dictate a lot of rules. You are required to drive your car at a certain speed, on a certain side of the road; you are expected to come and go from your job at specified hours of the day; and you must follow certain rules of etiquette in your interactions with other people.

Especially for those of you who are not structured by nature, you REALLY need to give your brain the freedom to just “be” sometimes. The phrase “give a horse its head”, meaning to allow a horse to run free, comes to mind. You need to give your brain “its head” and allow it to run free.

By allowing your brain the freedom to “run free” from time to time you’ll be rewarded with a much happier brain. Depending on your activity, endorphins may be released, a sense of accomplishment may be felt, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness will permeate your soul. THIS is why creativity is so important.

So go get the finger paints, or the garden trowel, or your guitar and start working with your hands. Allow your hands and your creative brain to communicate without your logical brain interfering. Enjoy the masterpiece that you create. Don’t judge the time you spend or the worthiness of your project. Just enjoy the process.

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