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06 March 2012

Durango Songwriters Expo March Recap

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On Sunday we returned to Colorado from a trip to California wine country. However, the focus was not wine. It was music.

We had the opportunity to participate in the semi-annual Durango Songwriters Expo. We first learned of this great organization last October. If you are a songwriter, you need to research this organization and attend a future event. Jim Attebery, Bill Attebery, and Jack Hayford are well-known in the music business and have created this conference to allow songwriters and singer/songwriters the opportunity to meet professionals in the industry. Along with numerous staff/volunteers, they tirelessly coordinate this event each Spring and Fall. It’s obvious they have honed this event that began in 1996 to the successful event it is today. I have nothing but compliments for their efforts.

The Durango Songwriters Expo ‘hits on all cylinders’.  Here are the top reasons this is such a great conference:

  • Attendance is limited to ensure an intimate experience both with industry insiders and fellow songwriters.
  • Moderated panel discussions featuring publishers, indie labels, music supervisors, A&R execs, producers, reps from the PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) and others in the music industry offering guidance for the newbie as well as seasoned musicians.
  • Songwriters have the opportunity to receive feedback on lyrics, music composition, marketability, etc. in “listening sessions” with industry insiders.
  • Numerous opportunities for singer/songwriters to share their music as well as hear the music of other musicians in music showcases, open mics, and concerts.
  • Chance to meet new friends from around the country and find potential co-writers for future projects.

We really enjoyed the event and encourage all indie musicians to attend a future Expo. We think you will find the experience worthwhile.

Being immersed in music for a few days really jump starts the creative juices. Kent’s mind started creating song starts in the hotel and on the plane home. As with fine wine, it will take a while for these song starts to mature into something worth listening to, but the creative process is alive and well.

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