Band 101

3 Tips to Avoid Vocal Strain

A husky voice isn't sexy and yelling the lyrics will only lead to vocal strain. Here are three quick tips for singers to avoid harming their most precious instrument.
September 2012

Song Stucture 101, Part II

Kent Lehman, singer/songwriter and co-founder of the band Eclectic Verve, shares the basic principles he uses when creating a song's structure.
June 2012

Song Structure 101

Good songwriting revolves around song structure. Understanding "charting" is fundamental to good song structure.
June 2012
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Musician Identity: Define Who You Are

Define who you want to be as a solo performer or as a member of a band. By defining exactly what you want (and do not want!) and translating those desires into who you want to be (and who you do not desire to be) a clear purpose and direction will come to you.
March 2012