07 June 2011

Cobalt Sky

Following is the second in Kent’s twelve-part series to share with you what influenced him to write each song on our debut CD Something on the Way.
01 June 2011

Social Media Impact

Social Media has had a dramatic change on communication. One author suggests it has changed information disbursement from individuals being passive receivers of information to being actively engaged in the exchange of information.
26 May 2011

Going to Colorado

As the date for the release of our debut CD approaches, Kent has started a new blog series. The purpose of the series is to take you ‘behind the music’ to share with you his thoughts and inspiration for the music and lyrics and how each song came together.
20 May 2011

Facebook Initiation

For the week ending 5/14/2011, Facebook ranks first in both most website visits per week in all categories and top social media site. It handily beats its next competitor in its category by over 40% with a share of 64%!