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20 September 2011

Adding 'Tweet' Button to Blog Posts is Easy


Twitter makes manually adding the ‘Tweet’ button to a blog post really simple.

1) Go to the Tweet Button resource page.

2) Follow the instructions on the site. 

My tips / suggestions:

  • I generally select the horizontal count radio button, as that format is smaller than the vertical count, and I like seeing how many times the article has been tweeted/retweeted.
  • I accept the default values under Tweet text, URL and language, but these can be modified if you desire.
  • Make sure you add your Twitter profile name (e.g., @EclecticVerve) under item #2 of the instructions on the site.  If you have both a business Twitter profile and a personal Twitter profile, you may want to provide both profiles, but keep in mind that this will cut into the allotted 140 characters, so I recommend just using one or the other.
  • If your blogging software has both a ‘visual’ view and an ‘HTML’ view, you must be in the ‘HTML’ view to insert the code copied from the Twitter site.  I generally ensure the formatting is as I’d like it to be in ‘visual’ mode and then change to ‘HTML’ view to insert the Tweet button and publish.

Adding the Tweet button makes it easy for someone to share your blog with others on Twitter, so I recommend you add the button to all of your blogs.

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3 Responses

  1. If you go to all the effort of creating valuable content, you want to make it “shareable,” and you want to make it shareable in just one click. Thanks for showing how easy it is to provide this very important feature.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Debi. I find myself disappointed in the blogs that I read that don’t making sharing easy. Therefore, I wanted to give others the simple steps to provide this button to their readers.

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